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KatinaKatina is a mature female orca believed to be around 24, she is the oldest whale in Seaworld Florida. Her dorsal fin is completely flopped to her left side. Her right eye patch is very "pointy"
In Seaworld Florida Katina is the dominant female there and the other whales respect that. She is a loving and caring mother and all her calves are with her except Katerina (Katerina passed away in 1991). She is friendly and a really curious whale. She us used in the shows very often since she is a reliable performer.
Katina was captured in Iceland in October 1978, when she was about 2,she is also known as Kandu 6. She was captured along with two other females. Until June of  1979 she lived at Marinland Ontario. She spent her winters and summers in Seaworld Ohio with Kasatka, a female which now lives in Seaworld California. That was until 1984 when she become permenent resident of Seaworld Florida. Before that the pair of them was moved back and forth from SWO to SWC.
On the 26th September 1985 Katina became the first "successful" mother in captivity with her female calf Kalina. Her second female calf Katerina was born on 4th November 1988, suddenly she died on May the 5th 1999 being just 10 years old. On 9th of September 1993 she gave birth to a male calf named Taku. On the 27th of December 1996, she give birth to a beautiful girl who was later named Unna.
In November 2001, Katina and Tekoa were swimming in mother calf position. Taima was about to rake Tekoa when Katina stopped Taima from doing so. Annoyed Taima attacked Katina, who was at the time, the dominant female. Katina was pretty shaken up (probablt due to the fact she was pregnant) and she nearly miscarried. She was in bad shape for a while after that. Taima doesn't interact with the other orcas, apart from Tilikum.
Katina has also just given birth on the 25th of August 2002. It was later said that the calf is a boy.

-Katina now lives with her four calves: Kalina, Taku, Unna and the new calf at Seaworld Florida. She also lives with 4 other orcas: Taima, Taima’s son Tekoa, Kalina’s son Tuar and his father Tillikum.
- Katina give birth after a one hour labour. Unna was with Katina throughout the birth and is doing a great job of being a big sister

TillikumTillikum is easily recognized because his dorsal fin is completely flopped to his left side. He has 2 small black dots/lines in his left eye patch and on his right. Tillikum is the largest captive orca not only at the Sea World Florida but in the world with his 22 feet and his 12,000 pounds. He also has many scars across his chin.

Because of the incident in which Tillikum was involved with two other whales in which his trainer was killed in 1991 trainers at Sea World do not do any water work with him, water work with him would be hard anyway because of his size.
Most of the time, Tillikum is alone is one of the pools of the Shamu Stadium. In the show, he makes jumps and he splashes with his tail the first fifteenth rows. After, he slides out for a beautiful picture. For whatever reason he was involved in a killing of his trainer no one knows but in 1999 a man was found dead in his pool, he was on Tillikum’s back when the Sea World’s staff saw him. Tillikum didn’t kill him; he probably died out of the cold water in the whale’s pool. Since then the trainers are even more careful when around Tillikum. That proves orcas are not some toys to be ridden they should be in the wild, WILD.

Tillikum has been captured in Iceland in November 1983 and was sent to the Sealand of Pacific in Victoria, British-Columbia, Canada where he would live with Haida 2 & Nootka 4 after Sea Land's male orca died just few months previously.

There the three shared their tiny pool for many years. Tillikum would often be closed at night in a small, metal, holding pool from which most of his scars are.

In 1991 three orcas, Tillikum, Nootka IV & Haida II were involved in a killing of their trainer.

On December 24th Tillikum becomes dad for the 1st time. Haida 2 gives birth to a male calf which is named Kayaquet. After the birth of Kayaquet, Tillikum was held at the small pool more often than usualy. He and Kayaquet never really met even because it was thought that Tillikum would harm him, even kill him by playing a bit too rough and because of the lack of space.

In March of 1992 Nootka IV gave birth to a male calf fathered by Tillikum which died only 33 days after.

After that Tillikum has fathered many more calves, in fact most of SW calves were fathered by him. Not all have survived though.

-Tillikum now lives at Sea World Florida, with 7 other whales, his two sons (Taku, Tuar & Tekoa), his daughter (Unna), and three other females: Katina, Kalina and Taima.
-His trainers do not do any water work with him
-He is the biggest captive orca in the world
-Kasatka a female held at SWC was artificualy impregnanted using Tillikum's sperm. This is the 1st time this has been successfully on an Orca, she gave birth to a male calf named Nakai.  Her daughter Takara is belived to be impregnated the same way too, she gave birth to a baby girl name Makea..
-Katine gave birth in August of 2002 !

KalinaKalina is a mature female, she is 16 years old. She is quite easy to identify since her dorsal is leaning to her left quite a bit but not as much as Katina's dorsal. Kalina also has two black freckles on the right side of her chin and that makes her very easy to identify. She is about 5.2m and weight aprox. 2250 kg.
Kalina is a very sweet whale. She takes great care of younger orcas, just like her mother Katina. She is very gentle and friendly with people and is a great mother. She is a very good performer. She is usually the first orca the trainers get in the water with.
Kalina was born on the 26th of September 1985, to Katina and Winston. She is a mixture of two orcas which would in nature never meet. Katina was captured in Iceland and Winston, now deceased was collected from Washington. Kalina was the 1st orca ever to be born and conceived successfully in captivity. She made history.

On 2nd of February 1993 being just 7 years old she gave birth to a male calf, named Keet also know as the "Grandbaby Shamu". She was impregnated by an Icelandic male orca Kotar (now deceased) when she was only 6 years old. By giving birth to Keet, once more she made history by becoming the 1st orca to be born in captivity which had a calf who survived.

Kalina in her life has been to all 4 SeaWorld Parks. She has been separated from her mother, Katina when she was only 4 years and 5 months old. She was displayed at all 4 parks within a time of 15 months, which meant she was at each park for little over 3 months. She was sent to SWO in February of 1990, then to SWC and then in May of 1991 she arrived at SWT where she got pregnant with Keet. It was there that she had him and become pregnant again by Kotar.

During the 9th month of her 2nd pregnancy she was moved to SWF in order to give the birth in few months to her 2nd calf there. She gave birth on 17th of June 1995, to a male calf. The calf was named Keto.

At SWF she become pregnant for the 3rd time, this time with an Icelandic orca named Tilikum. She gave birth to her youngest calf, a baby boy named Tuar on 22nd of June 1999. He was 1st named "Flash" but people were unhappy with the name so it was changed to Tuar after the results of an  "online pull".
- Kalina now lives at SWF, along with 7 orcas; her  mother Katina, Tilikum, Taima, her half brother Taku, her half sister Unna, her son Tuar, Tekoa, and Katina's calf of 2002, her half brother.

TaimaTaima is a young female killer whale. She has a few notches missing from her fluke probably caused by another whale. Her dorsal is slightly leaning to her left but you can say its straight. Her mouth line has a bit of black "dipped" into white on her right side, and that identifies her easily.

Taima is known to be quite aggressive to other orcas. She was separated from her two calves Sumar and Tekoa. She is separated from other orcas at SWF with the exception of Tilikum. Trainer don't get in the water with her due to her aggression. There are no reports of Taima acting aggressive towards her trainers.

She was born on July 11, 1989. To mother Gudrun and father Kanduke, both now deceased. Her name means thunderstorm. She was named Taima because she was born during a thunderstorm. In 1997 she gave birth to a male calf named Sumar, while being just 8 years old nearly a baby her self. They were separated when he was about 8 months old because of the aggression between them. On one occasion while performing Taima started biting her son and throwing him out of the pool on the trainer’s platform, then she slided out her self and started biting him. The show was stopped and Taima was pulled to the other swimming pool, few months later Sumar was transferred to another Sea World. He now lives at Sea World California.

On 8th of November 2000, at 3:47 pm Taima gave birth to a baby boy. He began feeding overnight and was estimated to be 7ft long and 350 pounds. During the birth Kalina assisted Taima and helped the calf to the surface for its 1st breath.
The calf was name Tekoa. The two were separated only after 9 months due to agression between them. It was reported that Tekoa was swimming with Katina and Taima got jealous and went for Tekoa. Katina tried to stop Taima which caused Taima got angry. Taima then went for Katina which left Katina unsettled and nearly caused Katina to miscarriage. Taima is now separated from all orcas accept Tilikum. Taima is now on birth control.

-Taima lives at Sea world Florida
-She is living with 8 other killer whales Katina, Tilikum, Kalina, Taku, Unna, Tuar, Tekoa and Katina's calf of 2002.

TakuA small notch in the middle of the trilling edge of his dorsal easily recognises him. His right eye patch is also very unique and different. He has something which looks like three pointy sharp ends instead the usual one, on the top of his eye patch. His dorsal has started to tilt very slowly to his left. Taku has three nicks on his dorsal, they are very small but still easily seen. He is one of the 5 male orcas at SWF. Taku's front teeth are already completely worn down, as he has a habit of chewing the tank walls.

Taku is a very energetic whale who loves to play and do new things. He has now learnt most of the behaviours at SWF. He is very intelligent and picks up behaviours very easily, he is always ready and eager to learn more. He is very gentle with people and is performing more and more in shows as days go by. He is very interactive with people and he is always checking out new things.

Taku was born to Katina & Tillikum on the 9th of September 1993, same year as Keet his half sister, Kalina's son. Taku really doesn’t have that much of a history. On the 27th December 1996 his mother gave birth to a female calf named Unna. He has many half brothers since his father has cired most of the calves at SeaWorld, some of which now deceased.

-Taku lives at SWF along with his parents: Kalina & Tillikum, Kalina, Taima, Unna, Tuar, Tekoa and Katina's new calf.
- While Katina was in labor, Taku was with her along with Unna. Taku starting to get a little uneasy as he saw the baby coming. He was later moved in another pool

UnnaUnna is a young female killer whale who's dorsal is completely straight. She is the 3rd smallest whale at SWF.

Unna appears to be a very sweet whale, just like her mother. The two spend a lot of time together. Unna quiet often "picks" a person which she will follow and stick her tongue at! She is quiet playful and has recently started participating in shows more and more.

Unna was born tail 1st  on the 27th od December 1996 to Katina and Tillikum, both wild caught Icelandic Orcas at SWF. She was born into quiet a big family. Her father has cired many of SW's calves. Unna happens to  be the only girl of his which is still surviving, she does however have quiet a few brothers.

On the 14th of May, 1998 adult female, Taima gave birth to a baby boy named Sumar. Sumar is one of Unna's half-brothers.

Sumar was moved in April of 1999along with his and Unna's older half brother Keto, because of the aggression his mom "showed" towards him.

On June 22nd of 1999 Unna "gets" another half brother. The baby boy is named Tuar and was born to her half sister, Kalina and father Tillikum.

On November the 8th, 2001 Unna becomes half-sister once again. Taima gave birth to a baby boy named Tekoa also cired by Tillikum.

-Unna lives at SWF along with her mother; Katina, father Tillikum, her full blooded brother Taku, half sister Kalina, adult female Taima and two half-brothers: Tuar and Tekoa.

-Most of her time Unna spends with her mother, who in August of 2002 gave birth to a heealthy baby boy

TuarTuar is the 2nd smallest whale at SWF (Tekoa being the smallest) and is because of that recognised easy. His dorsal is starting to tilt to his right, which is very unuusal since he is very young and most captive orca dorsals lean to the left side.

Tuar means "unique" and that is exactly what this little whale is. He is particularly strong and independent whale, but when he does spend some time with other whales its most likely to be his mom Kalina or his "aunty" Taima. Tuar seems to really enjoy chasing and tagging along other killer whales housed at SWF from time to time. He also likes mimicking their behaviours such as jumps and rollovers. He sometimes appears along with his mom in show "Shamu Adventures"

Tuar was born to Kalina and Tillikum on the 22nd of June 1999 at SWF. He has two half brothers from his mom's side and many other siblings, since his father has cired most of SW's calves Tuar was 1st named "Flash" but people were unhappy with it so it was change to Tuar. SInce he is very young he doesnt have much history behind him.

When he was younger he liked to play with the fish his mom Kalina would tear for him. His mother was the 1st successfully born orca in captivity, she also made history when she gave birth to Tuar's eldest half brother, Keet in 1993.

Tuar lives at SWF along with his mother, Kalina, father Tillikum, grand- mother Katina & two of her calves: Taku and Unna. He also lives with Taima and her son Tekoa who is his half brother

Taima and TekoaTekoa is the smallest killer whale held at SWF. He is easily recognized because of it and well he still has his "baby-yellowish" colour. His dorsal fin is completely straight.

Tekoa is the most playful and probably the most amusing whale they have at SWF. He loves to play with Unna and Tuar and he seems to be the friendliest wanting to play with everyone and everything he can. Tekoa really has a great personality and loves to have his back and stomach rubbed.  He also loves to lye on his back and make all different sounds to the other whales.

Tekoa was born on the 8th of November 2000 to captive born Taima and Icelandic male Tillikum. He was born  at 3:47 p.m. in Sea World Orlando’s multimillion-gallon research and breeding facility, Shamu Stadium. Overnight, he began nursing.

When he was born it he was estimated to measure 7 feet long and weighed 350 pounds. Tekoa came to this world after a four-hour labour. Moments later, he  instinctively swam to the surface of the water for its first breath of air.

-Tekoa lives at SWF along with his parents, Taima and Tillikum. two adult females; Kalin and Katina and their offsprings (his half brothers and sister); Taky, Tuar and Unna.

- Tekoa has a full-blooded brother, Sumar who now lives at SWC and who he has never met. He has quite a few "half-brothers" and a half-sister. His father Tillikum has fathered quiet a few calves...