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(C) to KirstenKyoquot is more known as Kayaquet. Because of his long name trainers call him Ky. He's dorsal fin is completely straight and that is why he is easily recognised. All other whales at SWT have leaning dorsal.

Most of his time Kayaquet spends playing with Kayla. He likes doing things together with her and is believed that the pair will mate in future. They are often put in the same tank. He performs most of the shows with her but sometimes he used to performed with his mother Haida. (She passed away on 1st of August 2001)  He doesn’t mind getting in trouble with other whales because his mother was the dominant whale in the pool and she was very protective of him and would do anything to defend him. He knew that and sometimes used it to get what he wanted. He is very sweet and is a good performer. Trainers enjoy working with him.

He was born on 24th of December 1991 at Sealand of Pacific in Victoria. He  was transferred to Sea World Texas in the beginning of 1993.Haida was involved in an accident at SeaLand along with two other orcas which killed a trainer. The park was later closed because of this. She was sold to SeaWorld and went to their park in Texas. His father Tilikum (the biggest orca in captivity) who was involved in the same incident with Haida now lives in Sea World Florida and has fathered many calves.

Kyoqout  and his father were never in the same pool because it was thought that Tilikum would do him harm or even kill him because of the lack of space. Tillikum was held in a small holding pool. When Haida 2 and Kyoqout arrived at Sea World Texas they were not straight away introduced to other whales since they needed time getting used to the new surroundings, trainers and training. After a year or so after arriving they were taking part in SW's shows.

The whales living there when Kyoqout and his mother arrived were female Kalina and male Kotar. A month after their arrival, on 2nd of February Kalina gave birth to a male calf named Keet. In October of 1994 Kalina was moved to SWF and female named Katerina arrived from SWO.

On 20th November 1994 Haida 2  gave birth to a female calf which died 38 days later, on the 28th of December. The calf would be a half sister to Kayaquet because her father was Kotar.
Kotar died on the 1st of April, 1995. Katerina died on May the 5th  1999, which left Kyoquot and his mother alone with Keet until two female orcas Winnie and Kayla. Winnie and Kayla had arrived from Sea World Ohio in October 1999. They arrived to SWT because of the constructions of their tank.

Keet was moved to SWC in November of 1999.

On February 18th 2001 Kyoquot along with his pool mates was joined by a young male named Keto.

On August 1st 2001 Kyoquot lost his mother. Haida 2 saddly passed away. This had such a bad affect on him.

In April 2002,  Winnie passed away leaving the youngsters on their own.

-He lives at Sea World Texas with a female,  Kayla and a young male named Keto.
-Kayaquet has 1 half sister named Unna and 5 half brothers named Taku, Tuar, Sumar, Tekoa, Nakai, Kohana and Katina's new calf.

Keto at SWOKeto is a captive born male killer whale. His dorsal fin leans to his left. Him and his brother Keet are almost identical and were often confused while living together. He is the smallest whale at SeaWorld Texas at the moment and is because of it easily identified.

Keto is a very energetic whale who has to has his own way. He enjoyed annoying older whales while he was at SWC. His trainers sometimes referred to him as a "punk" because he likes to play rough.

Keto was born June 17th, 1995 to  Kalina, the first killer whale to be successfully born and raised in captivity and by then deceased Icelandic male named Kotar. Kotar passed away on 1st of April the same year Keto was born.

Keto has an older brother named Keet. He was born on the 2nd of February 1993. Keet made histry because he was the 1st killer whale to be born to a "captive born mother". Both Keet and Keto are second generation of orcas in captivity.
On 8th of March 1999 Keto was transferred to SWC from SWF along with younger orca Sumar.

The reason for Keto's transfer was to support his mother's next pregnancy and also to correct some of his bad habits.

On the 7th of November 1999 his brother Keet arrives from SWT to SWC and the full blooded brothers meet for the first time. On April 15th 2000, Keet, Keto, and Sumar were moved from SWC to SWO.

In January of 2001 Six Flags Inc. announced it has reached an agreement with Busch Entertainment Corp. to purchase the SeaWorld Ohio amusement park in northeast Ohio for $110 million. That meant that Keto, Keet and Sumar had to be moved again.  On 15h of February Keet was transferred back to SWC while Keto and Sumar stayed at SWO.
Soon after, on February 18th 2001, Sumar was sent to SWC and Keto was moved to SWT. His new tank mates included the dominant female Haida 2, her son Kayuquet and female Winnie and Kayla.

-Keto is currently at SWT along with 2 other whales Kayla and Kayuquet.
-He has one brother Keet, half sister Takara (same fathers) and Tuar (same mothers).

Kayla at SWOKayla has an enormous amount of rake marks on her body which were probably caused by Winnie and Haida 2. Her dorsal fin is slightly bent to the left. She is currently the  largest whale at the Sea World Texas, so she is easily recognised. She also has a small "notch" on her dorsal and a black dot on the right side of jaw.Kayla is really friendly towards other whales and she loves playing with Kayuquet. She is a very good performer but will sometimes refuse to do things.

Her mother, Kenau, and father, Orky 2, are both now deceased. Kenau was captured from Iceland in 1976, while Orky was captured in British Columbia, Canada in 1968, this means that Kayla was born to the parents which would in the wild never meet, she is a cross between two orca populations. She was born at Seaworld Texas and lived with her mom until she was about 3 years old. Kenau was then impregnated  by Kotar (Now deceased) and sent to Seaworld Florida, where she died with an 8 month old fetus. Kayla was sent to Seaworld in Ohio where she would live with Winnie for  the next 8 years of her life. In November 1999, Winnie and Kayla were both transferred to Seaworld Texas to live with Haida 2 and her son, Kayuquet when construction on the Ohio tank began.

-Kayla is 11 years old female who currently lives at Seaworld Texas.
-She there lives with Kayaquet & Keto.
- She is the dominant whale at SeaWorld Texas.