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(c) TiggerlilyThor is a mature male whose dorsal fin is completely flopped to his left and is easily identified because of it. He is also the biggest and oldest orca at Kamogawa Sea World Japan. However even though he is a mature orca his pectoral flippers are not very large for a typical bull orca.

Thor is very gentle with humans and his trainers do water work with him. Thor is very protective of his newest daughter Lara. He spends a lot of time with Stella and the LAra, he also loves playing with his daughter Lovey. Thor   appears to enjoys “hanging about” with Oscar also knows and Wolfie from time to time. His name means "Thunder".

Thor was captured In Iceland in November of 1984 when he was about 11 feet long which made him about two to four years old at the time. He was captured along with four other whales of which only one is still surviving, Kandu. Thor also known as Bingo was sold along with a female Freyja, with which he was captured to Kamogawa Sea World, to keep company to a female named Caren whose companion an orca named King died a year earlier.

In May of 1987 Caren dies leaving Freyja and Thor by themselves. In September of the same year Freyja herself dies and leaves Thor on his own. Thor remains on his owns for about a month or so when 4 newly captured whales are brought and shipped to Kamogawa Sea World to keep him company. Two males (Oscar and Bubba) and two females (Stella and Maggie).

Two years later in April 1989 Bubba was soled and shipped out, leaving Thor with Oscar, Stella and Maggie, who was the dominant female even though she was one of the smallest.

In 1995 Thor become a dad when Maggie gave birth to a male calf, Stella was all over the baby but unfortunately when within a day baby died both Maggie ans Stella were very depressed while Thor and Oscar didn’t appear to care much either way.

In 1997 MAggie had her 2nd calf this time it was cired by Oscar.

Two days later after her baby died Maggie also died, she died on the October 7th, which means that Thor for companions now had only Oscar and Stella, with which he is still living + his two daughters.

On the 11th of January Thor once more becomes a dad this time Stella gave birth to a female orca, which was named Lovey. Lovey becomes the first orca to be born and survive in captivity in Japan.

On the 8th of February 2001 Stella once more gave a successful birth again to a little female whose father is Thor after five hours of labour.

-Thor is currently living with four other orcas at Kamogawa Sea World Japan
-Thor just become father for the 4th time, when Stalla gave birth in February 2001 to a female calf which is doing fine
-Kamagowa Sea World is planing on selling on of their Orcas, and Thor is the one most likely which is gonna "go"

(c) TiggerlilyStella is an adult Icelandic female, sbe is the dominant whale at Kamogawa Sea World, Japan. Stella is  easily recognized because she has a dark brown stain along her jaw line and her dorsal is leaning to her left.

Stella is a very friendly and gentle whale, however after her pool mate, best freind maybe even a cusing Maggie died in 1997 she went "nuts" she become very aggressive. She is now back to her usual self and trainers are  doing water work with her again. She is a brilliant  mother of two girls and is very protective of them both. Her name means "star" in Italian.

Stella was captured in Iceland in October of 1987 along with 3 other orcas: 2 males and a female. The 4 whales were sold to Kamogawa Sea World and were to keep company to their lone orca Thor, whose companion died a month earlier. They were named: Stella, Oscar, Maggie/Magy, Prince/Bubba.

In 1989 Prince was "ripped" away again from the family he now knew and sold to Ocean Park, Hong Kong where he died.

Meggy was the dominant whale, even though Stella was always larger and more competative then her. Stella had scars from the "fights" her and Maggie had unlike Maggie how was "scar free" since Stella never really used her teeth. Most of the time the two were best freinds and hang together leaving the "boys" to do whatever they were doing. They were very close probably because they were possiibly related...

In 1995 Maggie gave birth, Stella was all over the calf which died whitin a day. Both her and Maggie seemed kind of depressed.

In 1997 Meggie had yet another calf, this time Stella showed no interest whatsoever, probably because she knew that the baby was a still born or maybe just because she herself was pregnant. Two days later on 7th of October Maggie herself died leaving Stella incredibly depressed. No one could get bear her, feed her, play with her let alone swim with her. It took Stella three years "to cool off". Trainers have started doing water work with her again somewhere in June of 2000

Just a month later on 1st of November 1997 Stella gave birth to a baby girl, named Oyako/Lovey. Lovey become the 1st Orca to be successfully born in Japan after 5 unsuccessful pregnancies. Her father is Thor.

Stella gave birth again on the 9th of February 2001 after falling in labour which lasted 5 hours. Again the father is Thor/Bingo

Stella now lives at Kamogawa Sea World Japan, along with her daughters: Lovey & Lara, their father Thor and Oscar the male she was captured with.

Her calf has been named Lara and Thor is being very protective of her and Stella

(c) TiggerlilyOscar is an Icelandic recantly matured male. His dorsal is still standing up but its slowly leaning to his left. 

Oscar loves playing with Lovey, Stella’s and Thor’s daughter. He is friendly towards people and trainers do a lot of water work with him. He is an excellent jumper and does his best in the shows. He is one of the few orcas who can jump and make a 360 degree cicrcle in the air. One truly amazing jumper! His name means "Divine Strength"

Oscar was captured in Iceland in October of 1987 along with 3 other orcas one
male and two females. The four whales were sent to Kamogawa Sea world, Japan to join their lone male orca Thor whose companion died just a month earlier.

The other male named Bubba also known as Prince was in April of 1989 sold and moved out…

In 1995 Maggie one of the femaes he was captured with gave birth to a male baby, cired by Thor. The baby died very soon.

In 1997 Maggie had a miscarriage and two days later died herself. Oscar cired this calf. After Meggies death Oscar showed some signes of depression and was moody for a while, probably because the two of them along with Stella might be related since they were captured together.

In 1998 Stella gave birth to a female calf named Lovey. Most of his time Oscar used to spend swimming with Thor until her birth. Now he apears to enjoy playing with her.

-Oscar is living with 4 other whales, at Kamogawa Sea World. One male and three females. The 4th whale is a baby female named Lara born to Stella and Thor on the  8th of February 2001

(c) TiggerlilyLovey is a young female killer whale. She is easily identified because sheis the 2nd smallest whale held at Kamogawa Sea World, Japan, her sister being the smallest.

Lovey is a very intelligent little whale. She picks up new behaviours really easily, she even does the hardest behaviours of Kamogawa's Sea World. Lovey is also very independent individual. She started doing her own shows before she was three, she was mimicking Stella by the time she was 7 month old! Trainers say that she is really curious.

Lovey was  born at 5:20 AM on January 11th in  1998, at Kamogawa Sea World, Japan to Icelandic female Stella and Japanese male Thor. Soon after birth it was known that she was a "girl". Before getting her name, Lovey was called Oyako, one of the stage names used at Kamogawa Sea World. Her name was decided by people's votes.  

On 8th of February her mother Stella gave birth to a female calf named Lara. At 1st Lovey was not allowed to interact with her baby sister because it was not known how she would react. The two get on well.

-Lovey is currently living with her mother, Stella, sister, Lara, father Thor and Icelandic male with who her mother was captured, Oscar.

-Her father will be moved to Miami Seaquarium somewhere in 2003 most likely. Nothing definite yet.

Lara is getting along fine with all the Orcas living with her and is already picking up some signals, is even performing in some of the shows already! .

Lara was born on the 8th of February 2001 at Kamogawa Sea World, Japan to Icelandic parents Stella and Thor/Bingo. Stella's birth was not announced so when Lara was born it was very exciting for the public. During the birth Oskar a male Stella was captured with and her daughter Lovey/Oyako were in a different pool while Thor assisted the birth.

At birth she weighed 392 pounds (170kg) and was estimated to be 6 feet long which makes her quiet a big baby! She was born tail 1st after a five-hour long labour.

Straight after the birth it was known she was a girl. She was however named later on, on the 100th day of her life. 
-Lara lives at Kamogawa Sea World, Japan along with her parents, her sister and a male named Oskar.

CooCoo is a young  female Japanese transient Orca. She is kept on her own therefore easily ID-ed. This whale is also known by the name Ku.

She has appeard not to be friendly with other ceaceans and since she is a transient that is understandable. She however is used for "petting sesions" therefore is friendly towards people.

Coo was captured on February 6, 1997 in Taiji, Japan, along with 9 members of her pod. Five were soon released after many protests and people's complains but Coo was not so lucky. At the time of capture she was about  4.5 meters long, making her about 4 years old. She along with her pod mate, a female named Asuka was trucked to the Taiji Whaling Museum, while the other three whales went to Nanki Shirihama Adventure world, where 2 soon after died.

Taiji already had adult female killer whale, Nami-Chan but the two whales did not join her or their false killer whales and dolphins.  They were placed in a tiny 21 X 21 pen.

Soon after, about a month or so Asuka was moved to Izi Mitu Sea Paradise to keep company to their lone male naed Yamato. Since his death in October of 2000 Asuka has been on her own.

Coo remained alone in her tiny enclosure, and refused to eat. Her health declined, and she was very listless. Months later, she finally began to eat, but still, much to little to sustain her. She had several tumors removed, and was on medication for various ailments. She remained alone.

After around a year, Coo had begun to eat regularly. She was placed with Nami Chan for a brief period, but then put back into her pen. She was then placed with a False Killer Whale and 2 Dolphins. After attacking the False Killer Whale (and severely injuring him) she was again placed by herself.  

-Today, Coo's health has appeared to stabilize. She's growing well, and eats a normal amount of fish. She still, however, is kept apart from Nami-Chan, and its unlikely that that will change.

-She currently spends some time with the 2 Dolphins originally placed with her in 1998. And her current "job" at the museum is to be fed and petted by guests while Nami-Chan does performances.

(c) LilBItRan is a recantly mature  female killer whale. Her dorsal fin is completely straight. Her name means "Orchid"

Ran was captured in Iceland by herself days after a male who was captured in the same locations so they are probably from the same pod in October of 1989. Along with another females they were "stored" at the Saedyrasafnid Aquarium, Iceland Her and Ai, one of the females  were sold and sent to Nanki-Shirahama Adventure World, Japan. Goro and Ruka two killer whales were there already. Those 4 whales lived together until August 1995 when Ai died.

In February 1997 3 newly captured orcas were sent to Nanki but were held in the back pools. Only 2 months later the newly captured female had a miscarriage and died. The male also died 2 months after the arrival.

The 3rd whale has been named Kyu-chan and is still surviving he was introduced to Ruka, Goro and Ran and now lives and performs with Ran and Goro. 

On the 29th of March Ruka died. After the show she just sank to the bottom and never surfaced again...

-Ran lives at Nanki Shirahama Adventure World, Japan
-She lives with two males; Goro and Kyu-chan
-Ran and Sharkane, a female held at Marineland Antibes are the only survivors from their capture.

(C) TiggerlilyGoro is an adult male Japanese killer whale. His dorsal fin is completely flopped to his right and is because of that he is easily Identified plus he is the largest killer whale at Nanki Shirahama  Adventure World. Both of his eye patches are very different to their whales'. They kind of have a "hook" on the top.

He appears to be friendly and his trainers do water work with him but that is all I know... could you help me out ?

Goro was captured in Japan in October of 1985 along with a female named Nami-chan. The pair was sent to Taiji Whaling Museum from where Goro only a month later was sold and moved to Nanki Shirahama Adventure World where he is now.

When he arrived there, there was a female Icelandic killer whale named Ruka living there. The two lived on their own until 1989 when two females; Ai and Ran arrived.

Ai died in August of 1995.

Three newely captured orcas in Taiji in February 1997 arrived at Nanki but were kept in the back pool..

Only 2 months later two (a male and female who had a miscarriage) of the three newly captured whales died. The male that has survived got name Kyu-chan. He was later on introduced to Goro, Ruka and Ran.

On the 29th of March 2001 Ruka the oldest female passed away...

-Goro lives with 2 other killer whales; a male named Kyu-chan and a female named Ran