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(C) Laurie NeronNootka is an adult icelandic female orca. She is the dominant whale and is about 28 years old. her dorsal is leaning to her left and she has a little black spot on the left side of her chin. She also has nearlly hardly  notisable white dot on the middle of her nose.  

Nootka V is also know as Noni. She often stays in teh middel of the pool "Friendship Cove" with Algonquin her youngest son. During the day particulary in the afternoon she looks after Hudson (who is Kiska's son) while Kiska is having a nap in a small side pool  which  is open. Nootka is a very co-operative whale when it coms to doing things for her trainers.

Nootka was captured in Iceland in November of 1979 and was sent to Marineland Canada where she is now.

She gave birth to a male calf on the 15th of August 1989, named Katak. He was sold to SeaWorld at the age of two and a half  and re-named Splash.

On the 21st of October 1992, Nootka gave birth once more, this time to a female calf named Neocia. Nocia lives at Marineland but not in the same pool with Nootka but in a tiny  pool where she performs.

On the 21st of April  1996 once more  Nootka becomes a mum. She gave birth to a baby orca named Malik. Malik was born with some health problems and soon after her birth Nootka tryed "drowning" her. It was what she thought was the best and the only way she could have helped her daughter. The two were seperated and Malik was moved to the show pool.

In May of 1998 Nootka gives birth to a calf which dies 11 days later after its birth.

On teh December 18th 1999 Nootka gives birth to Algonquin a male orca. All Nootka's calves were fathered by Kandu, as he is the only mature male in Canada.

On the 4th of March 2000, Malik died.

Nootka V is in the pool of Friendship Cove with her son Algonquin, adult female Kiska, her son Hudson and Kandu the bull.

Those Orcas are there because they are eather retierd or too young to perform.

Nootka 5 is PRAGNANT AGAIN! She is due in June of 2002

Kiska is mature female Icelandic orca. Her dorsal fin is slightly bent to her left side, but less than Nootka 5’s. She has several little brown spots on each side of her inferior jaw. Nearly all  of her teeth are worn down.

She apears to enjoy  opening  her mouth at the surface of water and move her tongue about.She is often seen swimming in circles with her son Hudson, no one knows exactly why she does it but it’s believed she does it out of boredom. She is really friendly and sometimes visitors are allowed to go next to her, touch her and take photo of her. She sometimes "rests" and takes a "nap" while Nootka 5 watches their sons playing together. She aperas to enjoy interacting with guests and will do that even when not asked to.

Kiska was captured in Iceland in October of 1981 along with a female who soon after died. At th time of capture she was s40cm long and was 634 kg . The pair was sent to Seadyrasnfnid Aquarium and from there to Marineand Canada where the no named female died. Kiska ws thought to perform and got along find with Marineland's other whales. 

In 1992 Kiska gave birth to a male calf who died only 62 days after.

In 1994 Kiska gave birth again. The baby boy was named Kanuck. Kanuck and Kiska were seperated at young age and Kanuck was "stored" in the warehouse. He there died in 1998.

On the 6th of November 1996 Kiska once more gave borth, again to a male calf, Nova. Nova and Kiska still live at the same facilty but dont see each other since Nova is in the performing pool along with a female Neocia.

  Her last calf Hudson a male,  was born on the 15th of September 1998. He is still loving with his mom and dad. Kandu has fathered all Kiska's calves.
-Kiska can be found in the “Friendship Cove” with four other killer whales including her son Hudson, who even though being well over 2 years old still nurses.

- Her older calf, Nova passed away in August of 2001

(C) to Laurie NeronKandu is an adult male orca. His dorsal fin is completely flopped over on the left side. He is the largest whale in Marineland Canada. His right side of caudal fin is rolled inside, he has a brown line on the top of his inferior jaw and he has a little black spot between the pectorals. All these marks make him easy to identify.

Kandu is not a very active whale in fact we can call him lazy, most of the time he spends resting on the surface of water. He likes to "hang" in the middle of the pool at the surface away from everyone. One whale who would make him play was Malik, his daughter  which sadly has passed away in March of 2000. Comparing to his massive size he is really gentle, his trainers call him “Bady” or so I have been told.

Kandu was captured in 1984 in Iceland along with 4 other orcas of which now only him and another male Thor are still surviving.

Kanduis the only captive bull orca in Canada. He has fathered all the calves ever born at  Marineland Canada: Splash born in 1984 to mother Nootka 5 Splash is now living in Seaworld California. He is also dad of Neocia born in 1992 also to Nootka 5, Hudson born in 1998 to Kiska and Algonquin born to Nootka 5 in 1999.

Kandu has also fathered some calves which are now deceased:

No named male calf born to Kiska in 1992 RIP 1992 after 62 days.
Kanuck born to Kiska in 1994 RIP 1998
Malik born to Nootka 5 in 1996 RIP 2000
No named female born to Nootka 5 in 1998 RIP 1998 after 11 days.
Nova born to Kiska in 1996 RIP 2001

-Kandu is now a retired performer and now lives in a part of Marineland, which is known as “Friendship Cove”

(C) Laurie NeronIt is really easy to identify Neocia, because she is sharing her thank with a younger and smaller orca named (Nova) so we can easily recognize her by her size. Her dorsal is just slightly leaning to her left. She is also known as “Baby October”

Usually Neocia is very gentle and friendly but sometimes she becomes jealous of the younger orca, (Nova, with who she is performing and shearing a tank), and when she does she nudges him. When they were sliding out one time, Neocia struck Nova, forcing him back into the water and then sliding out.
She likes to play and she is very friendly towards her trainers. She also likes imitating behaviours that’s she sees visitors doing. e.g. if they stick their tongue out at her she’ll stick hers one out at them.

Neocia, was born on the 21st of October, 1992, she was born to Nootka, and Kandu. That same year a male calf was born to Kiska and her father, but he only lived for 62 days. Before her, her parents had a male calf in 1984, which was named Splash and who was sold to Sea World California being age 2 and a half where he is still living. She never got the chance to meet him but in 1994 another male (Kanuck) was born to Kiska and Kandu. In 1996 on Election Day she got a sister, Malik, the same year she also got a half brother, Nova. In 1998 Kanuck dies alone at the warehouse (back pool at Marineland). Then in 1998 she become a half sister again! Kiska gave birth to a male calf named Hudson. In 1999 Neocia got another sister, unfortunately this little girl lived only 11 days. Then in December 1999 her mother gives birth yet again to a male calf. other. He was named Aglonquin.

Her sister, Malik who was also known as E-day was doing the shows with Neocia until she died on 3rd of March 2000.This left Neocia and Nova alone in the pool doing daily shows.

-Neocia lives with both of her parents (Nootka V and Kandu), with her brother (Algonquin), two half brothers (Hudson and Nova) and another female Kiska. Bus she is only sharing a thank with her half brother Nova, all the other whales are in the “Friendship Cove”
-She has a brother which she hasn’t seen who is living in Sea World California
-She is one of the two (Nova is the second one) orcas which perform in Marineland Canada

(C) Laurie NeronHudson is a young male killer whale who's dorsal fin is completely straight. He is the smallest whale at Marineland Ontario and therefore easily identified. His right eye patch has a very;sharp and pointy beggining and a little nick in it and the end of it is very "oblique" shape, very rounded which is a bit unusual.

Hudson is a very playful individual and loves rubbing and playing with his younger half-brother Algonquin. The two are often seen together and are always watched by one of the two adult females. Even though he is old enough to stop nursing he still nurses more than he should and is a bit of a "mama's boy". He sometimes tries to play with his father but most of the time without success.

Hudson was born on the 15th of September 1998 to Icelandic parents Kiska and Kandu 7. He is very young and doesnt have much history.

On December 19th 1999 Nootka, a female with which Hudson lives, gave birth to a baby male named Algonquin.  He and Hudson "share" the same father along with some other killer whales.  Hudson also has a half-sister Neocia who performed alongside with his full blood,  brother Nova who sadly passed away in August of 2001..

His father has cired many other calves some of which now deceased. One of which his full brother, Kamuck who he never met.

On the 4th of March 2000 Hudson's playful half sister Malik  passed away.
Hudson lives at "Friendship Cove" at Marineland Ontario, Canada along with his mother Kiska, father Kandu, hald brother Algonquin anh his mother Nootka V.