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FreyaFreya is a mature Icelandic female orca. Her dorsal fin just leans to her right side, which is very unusual for captive orcas. Because her and Kim 2 swim clockwise during most of their “free time”, it leans to the right. Her right eye patch is very weird because it doesn’t have a “sharp” beginning. Its more of a smudged circle.

Freya does not get on well with Sharkane, although the two had been socialising again recently, which hasn't happened for a long time. Why? no one knows.
With the rest of the whales she gets on just fine and she is brilliant with her trainers. She is very curious and she likes to play “hide and seek” with her trainers. She is "dominated" by Sharkane and her daughter Shouka.

Her name means "Goddess of Love, Firtility and Beauty" She doesnt like peforming and is not very reliable therefore she only gets a small part in the show if that.

Freya was captured in Iceland in October 1982 like Kim 2 and so is probably from the same pod as him, she was also captured with three other whales, of which two are now deceased. In 1991 she had a miscarriage and only 2 years later, in 1993 Freya miscarried again. In 1996 on Valentines Day she gave birth to a male calf that was named Valentin. Kim 2 fathered all her calves.

Sadly in March of 2000 Freya suffers yet another miscarriage. The reason for her having all those trouble with birth might be that her and Kim 2 are related and because he is the one who mates with her.  This is just my opinion on why she had all those miscarriages.

-Freya has poor erratic health and spends a lot of time with Valentin who seems to help her feel better.

-She is often kept alone and is quiet depressed.

-She is living with her son Valentin, mature female (Sharkane) Sharkane's  two offsprings (Inouk & Wiki) and bull orca Kim 2 with whom she was captured with.

-She has recently been moved to the new built tank at Marineland Antibes, along with her son, Kim and Shouka, Sharkane stayed at the old pool because of her young son Inouk but had been moved now too..

-Sharkane gave birth on June 1st to a female calf named Wiki and Freya's son Valentin "played the role" of "aunty".

- Freya is pregnant

Kim is an Icelandic male bull orca weighting about 5 tons. He is very easily recognized because he is the largest whale at Marineland Antibes, France and his dorsal  is completely flopped to his right, very unusual for any captive orca for its fin to be flopped to the right.

Kim 2 appears to be very decal animal and will try over and over the same trick for his trainers until he thinks they are completely satisfied. He rarely refuses a move or goes wrong during the shows, although since he moved to the  new tank he has trouble sliding out and staying on it. He doesn’t like being cooped up in the smaller back tanks ( you cant blame him he is massive) and will slap his tail repeatedly on the surface of the water to show that he is frustrated. Because of this he is usually kept in the main show tank where he has plenty of room to swim in. He gets on with most of the orcas at Marineland nearly all the time but until her move to a park in Ohio in June of 2002 he would spend most of his time with his daughter, Shouka. Who is his eldest offspring. When held together the pair is frequently seen swimming in circles in the tank up-side down. Kim is dominated by Sharkane & Freya both females and his daughter Shouka is starting to show her "dominance" over him which is not surprising since her mother, Sharkane is the dominant whale and in Orca "society" males have "low rank".

Kim 2 was captured from Iceland along with a female, Freya  in October of 1982. Kim 2 and Freya were sent to Marineland Antibes Frace. He was a replacement for a female orca, Kim who passed away some time before and therefore he was named Kim 2.

In October of 1989 two orcas, a male Tanouk/Yamato and a female Sharkane were captured from Iceland and sent to Marineland as a pair and companion for Kim and Freya.

In March of 1991, Freya the female he was captured with had a still birth.

On the 25th of February 1993 Sharkane gave birth to a live calf, a female named Shouka. She become the 1st orca to be successfully born & survive at Marineland Antibes.

In March of the same year  Freya suffered  another still birth.

On the 14th of February 1996 Freya gave birth to a male orca named Valentin, who was her 1st and only calf to survive. The reason for that might be that her and Kim 2 came from the same pod and well they might be related.  Kim has cired all the calves at Marineland  or she just might be having some other problems.

On the 23rd of February 1999 Kim become a dad again, Sharkane gave  birth to a baby boy named Inouk.

In March of 2001 Freya had yet another still birth.

On June the 1st Sharkane gave birth again. She gave birth to a baby girl named Wiki.

Kim currently lives in Marinland Antibes along with two adult females (Sharkane and Freya) and his three offsprings: Valentin, Inouk and Wiki

Kim 2 is the only male Orca in Europe at the moment.

His trainers started doing water work with him in June of 2000

Sharkane is a mature Icelandic female orca; her dorsal fin is leaning to the right just like Kim's and Freya's, which is a bit unusual. Her left eye patch has like two beginnings. Sharkane is the dominate female at Marineland even though Freya is older than her

Sharkane is a reliable performer and rarely puts a fluke wrong during shows. She has proven to be a good mother, having given birth successfully 3 times and taking great care of her calves. She appears to be very friendly towards orcas, but doesn't get along very well with Freya. She has a very good relationship with her trainers. Recreantly Sharkane and Freya have been seen vocalizing which hasn't happened for a long time

Sharkane was captured from Iceland in 1989 by herself, some days after three other orcas were captured from the same place, probably the same pod too. Along with three other orcas; two females and a male, she was sent with to Saedyrasafnid Aquarium and from there  she and male, Yamato were sent to Marineland Antibes in January of 1990.. They were sent there as a pair but unfortunately Yamoto had to be sold later on. At the time of capture she was 427 cm long

On the 25th of February 1993 she gave birth to a female calf named Shouka. Shouka was the 1st successful calf to survive at Marineland Antibes.

In 1995,Yamato the male she was captured with had to be sold because all the orcas started picking on him including Sharkane, even little Shouka. So Instead of being seperated from them in a small pool he was sold to "Izu-Mito Sea Paradise" where he died in October of  2000.

On 23rd of February 1999 she gave birth to a male calf named Inouk.

On the 1st of June Sharkane gave birth to a female calf named Wiki, also cierd by Kim 2 just like the rest of the calves at Marineland Antibes. Weirdly enough Inouk, her son played the role of "antie" during the birth.

Because of her new calf she currently spends most of her time in the large back tank away from the rest of the group.

Ex- SeaWorld trainer Lindsay Rubinacam has started doing water work with her

Wiki, a female calf is easily recognised since she is the smallest killer whale at Marineland Antibes and still has her "baby-yellowish" colour.

Wiki appears to be very sweet and intelligent. She is already taking part in the shows.

Wiki  was born at Marineland Cote D'Azur, in Antibes, France on June 1, 2001. to Sharkane and Kim 2. Both Icelandic killer whales.

Inouk, Wiki's brother played the role of "aunty" during her birth which is a bit unusal. That is probably because the adult female Freya doesnt really get along with Sharkane.

Soon after her birth she was confirmed to be a female and only a month later she was named after two names have been combined. (Viki and Kiwi)

Wiki doesnt have much history since she is very, very young...

Wikki and her mother, Sharkane were kept in a large back pool, because of her young age. They did not perform in any shows and Sharkane was being very protective of her daughter that she sometimes would try to "hide" her from visitors.

-Amazingly enough Wiki has already started performing in some shows with her mother!

-Often Wiki is accompanied by one of her older siblings. (She has an older sister, Shouka, older brother Inouk and older half-brother Valentin.

- Shouka has been transferred to a park in Ohio in June of 2002