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12/03/04 Shouka To Move!

Shouka, the female killer whale is to be moved, any day now as her current home had been sold.

09/02/04 Kalina Gives birth!

Kalina has given birth to a healthy baby girl! Both appear to be fine. The little girl came to this world on the 9th of February, 2003 at 10:00 pm EST after 7 hours of labour. She was born tail first. 

At birth, she was estimated to be 7 ft long and to weight around 350 pounds. The calf has not been named as of yet. (2nd April 2004)

 12/12/03 Keiko Passed Away!

Keiko died on the 12th of December at Taknes fjord, Norway, in the company of staff members who have been caring for him there.

Keiko's veterinarian believes that acute pneumonia is the most likely cause of death, though he also cited that Keiko was the second oldest male orca whale ever to have been in captivity.

More information about Keiko and a timeline of his amazing journey to freedom can be found on The HSUS web site at www.hsus.org.