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LolitaLolita's original name is "Tokitae" but she is more commonly known by her stage name. Tokitae is an adult female killer whale held at Miami Seaquarium. She is the only orca there. She has all her teeth, weight about 8, 000 and is approximately 22 ft long. She is also the oldest killer whale in captivity. Lolita has spent the second longest time in captivity.

Lolita does her best to please her trainers and in very co-operative. However, there are only certain trainers she gets along with. She appaers to get attached to her trainers and is not happy at all once they are changed. She has been known to be aggressive however.

Originally named Tokitae, Lolita was probably born somewhere around 1964 in the Salish Sea.

She was captured on the 8th of August, 1970 at Penn Cove, Whidbey Island in Washington State. Lolita was one of the seven young whales sold to marine parks around the world from this roundup of 50 to 80 plus killer whales conducted by Ted Griffin and Don Goldsberry. The rest were released, five however died during the capture. At the time of her capture she was about 14 feet long and 6 years old.

On the 24th of September, 1970 she arrived to Miami Seaquarium to be "the bride" to a male orca named Hugo already there. The two were at first separated in case of any aggression, due to this both whales spy-hopped frequently and "called to each other".

When Lolita and Hugo first got together, they co-starred in a Seaquarium show called “Can a Handsome Boy Killer Whale Find Love in Miami?” The title was a reflection of owners' hopes that the two would soon conceive a baby orca. But Lolita and Hugo never reproduced. The two were more like best friends.

Together, Hugo and Lolita lived in the same small tank until Hugo's death in March of 1980 from an aneurysm.

In 1995 Lolita's favourite trainer was told to leave. Lolita reacts badly and takes a while to develop relationships with the new trainers.

- Lolita lives at Miami Seaquarium by her self in the smallest tank in the USA and is waiting for you to help her!
- Lolita is living with some pacific-whitesided dolphins as her only companions.
-She is in both good health mentally and physically even though she has been without her own kind for more than 20 years.
-There are few organizationswhich would like to see Lolita go home where her family is waiting.
- Miami Seaquarium have stated details and designs for a new tank for Lolita. However, these were released almost a year ago and nothing new has happened.
- There is also rumours that Miami Seaquarium are looking into a transfer with a captive orca to keep Lolita company. Considerations have been into Keiko has her companion, which is very unlikely to happen.

Keiko In Mexico
Keiko is a mature male orca whose dorsal fin is completely flopped to his left. He has few black dots on his chin, and two smaller ones on his right eye patch. Typical of bull orcas, Keiko exhibits large, broad pectoral flippers, curled tail and flukes. His name means “The Lucky One” in Japanese. He was first named Kogo but when sold to Reino Adventure it was changed to Keiko.

Keiko is very friendly towards people and he enjoys their company. While he was at the Reino Adventure Amusement Park and Oregon Coast Aquarium sometimes he would pick up a child from the group of visitors who he would then fallow around. He is very intelligent and picks up tricks that he is asked to do very easily. He enjoyed watching TV while he was at Oregon Coast Aquarium. He especially loved watching killer whales breach
Keiko was probably born somewhere around year 1977/8, In Iceland, he was captured in 1979 and brought to Seadyransfid, an Icelandic Aquarium.

In 1982 he was brought by Marineland Canada. There he spent first few years oh his captive life. Because he was just a baby when he arrived whales that lived there at that pint used to “bully” him, so he was put in the “warehouse”, back pool at Marineland (it is not known for sure whether Keiko was stored at the warehouse). He is one of the few whales which came out of there alive.

In 1985 he was sold to Reino Adventure, a Mexican amusement park for $350,000. There he was in a company of bottlenose dolphins, he lived in a small tank. The tank was so small that Keiko wasn’t even feed properly because he would grow up and the tank would become really small. There he performed for the audience each day until in 1992 when Worner Brothers decided to film a movie in which, Keiko would be the main character. He would be “Willy” the whale that is separated from his family and put in a pool to perform; he doesn’t like it and refuses to do it until he befriends a boy (Jason James Richter). He helps him find a way back to his freedom and family. When the filming of the movie began Keiko was very interested in learning new trick and was excited about meeting new people who would pet him and give him fish. When the move was released in 1993 it was a big success and unlike “Willy” Keiko was still in his small pool in Mexico, so when people heard about it they started sending money and kept asking why isn’t Keiko freed. That’s when the Free Willy Keiko Foundation was formed. Warner Brothers kindly donated $ 4.000.000 to it and with all the money that was sent in by people who wanted to see Keiko go free.

The Reino Adventure donates Keiko to the Free Willy Keiko Foundation in 1995. Free Willy Keiko Foundation announces that Keiko will live at new $7.3 million rehabilitation facility. The aquarium is filled with water in December and Keiko arrives there in January 1996. When placed in the tank Keiko for the first time in 14 years experiences the ocean water.

In 1997 Keiko is introduced to live fish again. In 1998 Keiko is flown to Vestmannaeyjar in Iceland where he will continue his rehabilitation. He is placed in the sea pen. In March 2000 for the first time Keiko can dive to the bottom of the ocean because the door to his sea pen were open and he was released to the bay. He now has daily access to the bay. On the 25th of May Keiko is taken out of the bay for an “Ocean Walk”. From that day on he has his “walks” regularly and should be released very soon.

-Keiko is living on his own but interacts with wild whales on frequent ocasions and appears to enjoy it even though he still has not been "set free"
-The choice seems to be up to him now....

KshamenkKshamenk is a mature male Argentinian killer whale. His dorsal fin is completely flopped to his right and he "displays" big pecks just like any other mature male. He is easily ID-ed since he is the only killer whale held at Aquarium.

Kshamenk is also known as Kshamenk, also known as Sharmenk and Shamenk. Since Balen's death, his companion, he has apparently been very moody and quiet aggressive.
The sad history of orcas cached in the Argentine Sea began in 1985 it’s first step began with Milagro, a male Orca who was found stranded, he was "rescued" by Acuario Mundo Marino, Buenos Aires, on August 8th 1985, and who then died after five and a half years of being exhibited in a pool where he performed different circus shows, beginning the chain of the so called "rescuing of ill and stranded Orcas". It was followed with Belén on the 6th of January  1988.They were displayed in the main pool, 6 m deep that holds 3 million litters of water taken from an aquifer that contains more salt than San Clemente coastal water.

Milagro died in February of 1991 reportedly from a lung infection.

Belen was left alone until September of 1992, when Kshamenk was also found stranded and was rescued. Also in September of 1992 another male orca was "found and rescued" however the male died the same day at the Mundo Marino pool.

In 1998 Belen had a miscarriage, the calf was obviously cired by Kshamenk.

Belen died on 4th of February 2000 its believed that she was 4 months pregnant at the time. Kshamenk has been alone ever since then.

-Kshamenk's only company at the moment is a male bottlenose dolphin named Bocon.
-Kshamenk is apparantly in bad condition probably caused by a non-functional cooling system.
- Kshamenk is meant to be moved to Ohio as a companion for young female Shouka

Shouka is a female killer whale whose dorsal fin is completely straight. She is a lone orca at Six Flags World of Adventures.

Shouka prehaps suprisingly is very dominant whale even though she is very young, she will probably take over the dominace very soon, probably as soon as she reaches sexual maturity! She can prevent her father Kim 2 from eating if she feels like it!
Shouka is a very "loud and proud" personality and having been born and raised in a captive environment is a natural performer and a show off.
She knows far more about humans than we think she does. She definately knows how to make the crowd go "ahh & ohh" and will show off her beauty to the best of her ability or refuse to do anything at all. All this depends on her mood. Shouka can also be stubborn at times of which she refuses to do a behaviour.

Shouka was born at Marinland France, Antibes to Sharkane and Kim 2. She was born on the 25rd of February 1993. Shouka became the 1st successfull born orca at Marineland. On the 14th of February 1996 she got a half brother named Valentin.

In 1999 on the 23th of February she became a sister, her mum gave birth to a male calf named Inouk.

On the 1st of June a female calf was born to her parents and once more she became an older sis! The baby has been named Wiki.

She lived at MarineLand Antibes along with Sharkane and Kim (her parents), Freya, Valentin, Inouk and Wiki.
She learnt the basic behaviours at MarineLand and developed onto more waterworks behaviour when ex-SeaWorld trainers moved to MarineLand Antibes.

On the 21st of May 2001, Shouka was transferred to Six Flags World of Adventures in Ohio. She left her family of which she was very close to.
Kshamenk from Argentina, who supposed to join Shouka so the two would possibly breed.

-Shouka is about to reach sexual maturity.
- At the present moment, Shouka will remain along at Six Flags.Kshamenk was due to join Shouka but unfortunately, Kshamenk was refused a transer.
- Shouka is still developing her waterworks with trainers.